Who are Susceptible to Developing Adrenal Fatigue?

Essentially, anyone can develop adrenal fatigue. The thing is, it’s about stress and your body’s coping mechanism. Compared with the actual adrenal disease or the insufficiency type, adrenal fatigue is not as severe but can still greatly influence the way your body works and the way you live your life. It is a common disorder of chronic stress, affecting millions of Americans and more people worldwide. If you’ve experienced stress for too long, the adrenals get tired and the levels of stress hormones in the bloodstream diminish along with its health-enhancing and comforting effects. As a result, your energy level is low, memory’s lagging and you tend to get sick easily.


Generally, your stress response is designed to efficiently protect you from stressors or dangers yet the unavoidable wear and tear of the glands from daily stress, worsened by your eating habits and lifestyle changes, can greatly challenge the adrenals and result in adrenal fatigue. This is especially true for executives working at giant corporations, businessmen who travel and strive nonstop, students in every exam week, employees rushing to meet deadlines and the like. Of course, there are other causes for the fatigue including genetics, vitamin deficiencies, underlying autoimmune diseases and medications so people who are born with impaired adrenals, have deficient vitamin D, with problems of the pituitary and thyroid glands as well as individuals taking synthetic cortisol drugs are affected too. You may learn that one of the important hormones that the adrenal glands produced is cortisol which is responsible for the body’s fight and flight response. Unlike adrenaline which also functions the same way, the cortisol hormone tend to provide long term response and the steady ability to deal with all the daily stress or. On the whole, knowing these things can help us figure out how to treat the condition and improve the person’s quality of life.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander