Understand SMS Payments Increase Customer Satisfaction Before You Regret

Understand SMS Payments Increase Customer Satisfaction Before You Regret

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For any company that receives inbound calls to live agents for payments being remitted, many times those who call are placed into a long wait queue. Nobody likes waiting on hold, especially when you’re giving money away. The fact of the matter is that incoming calls are not evenly spread out over any given time-frame, and it’s simply not possible to accurately staff for fluctuations in when the calls are received. ACH Payment Processing An SMS payment solution can remind a customer that their payable is due or late, which in some cases can prevent interruption of services or products needed. Most customers don’t like being late with payables, but not matter the case, with an SMS payment solution your customers not only receive timely reminders, but also two convenient ways to remit their payments:

  • Integrated outbound IVR call: The recipient of the text message has the option to reply “call,” where that reply triggers and outbound IVR call to the customer. The payment can then be completed using the IVR payment system which works in concert with the SMS solution and shares the same customer data.
  • Browser rendered micro-payment page: This option presents the ability for the customer in being able to click a link within the message that presents a micro-payment page from their mobile device. The SMS system pre-populates customer data (completely customizable) so that the customer knows the amount due, due date, home many days late, etc. If the customer has previously remitted a payment via the SMS system, there’s no need to go and find their credit card or checkbook to enter the data because the SMS system stores a payment reference token that when the payment is submitted to the gateway, the relevant card or checking account data is used.

Every successful business tries to meet customer expectations, and a clunky payment experience is a friction point for most consumers. Learn more about how an SMS payment solution might benefit your customer base by getting in touch with us.

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Post Author: Alberto Alexander