Things You Need to Know About Mailing Cardboard Tubes

Are you looking for mailing cardboard tubes suppliers? If so, take a look below for some valuable information that may help you in your search.

Mailing cardboard tubes

Mailing cardboard tubes are an excellent way to ship artwork, maps, blueprints, posters, and any other large documents that you do not want to fold.  There are many options when purchasing postal and shipping tubes.  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Mailing cardboard tubes Sizes and Shapes

cardboard tubes

Mailing cardboard tubes come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Most manufacturers stock shipping tubes that range in size up to 6″ in diameter and 48″ in length.  Many manufacturers also offer custom sizes to meet your needs.  Mailing tubes also come in various shapes.  The most common are round, square, rectangle, and triangle shapes, but custom shapes are also available from some manufacturers.

Paper Mailing cardboard tubes

Paper mailing cardboard tubes are the most common and most economical mailing cardboard tubes available.  They are lightweight, rigid and resist crushing and bending.  Paper shipping cardboard tubes come in three main varieties: open-end, snap seal, and telescopic.

Open-End Mailing cardboard tubes – Open-end mailing tubes are usually made of heavy 3-ply, spiral-wound paperboard.  Tight fitting plastic caps seal the end of the shipping tube and help provide strength.  These caps may or may not be included with the mailing tubes depending on which supplier you choose.

Snap Seal Mailing cardboard tubes – Snap seal mailing cardboard tubes do not use any external end caps.  Instead, the ends fold in to seal the tube.  Snap seal mailing tubes are quick, easy, and economical, and they do not require tape to keep them closed.

Telescopic Mailing cardboard tubes – Telescopic tubes expand and contract to hold different size documents.  They are strong and virtually crush proof.  Telescopic mailing tubes generally have metal end caps.

Plastic Mailing cardboard tubes

Plastic mailing cardboard tubes are more durable than paper mailing cardboard tubes.  They can be reused many times and are ideal for mailing and storage.  Quality plastic tubes are both shatterproof and weather-proof.  Plastic mailing cardboard tubes in a variety of translucent and opaque colours and are available in custom sizes.

Mailing cardboard tubes Dimensions

Postal tubes are usually measured in terms of usable space.  This represents the inside diameter and the length minus the thickness of the end caps.  To find the outside diameter of the shipping tube, add two times the thickness of the tube to the inner diameter.  To find the actual length of the mailing cardboard packaging, add the thickness of the two caps to the inside length.

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