Thousand Oaks pool remodeling

Swimming Pool Remodeling for Beginners

Summer means lounging by the pool-side with a bottle of your favorite beer to beat the heat. With each passing year, the mercury level has been rising unapologetically. To get respite from the heat, getting a pool in the backyard seems like a great idea. As easy as it might sound, what does the actual process entail? Whom to consult? What about the costs of construction and maintenance? I’ll attempt to answer these questions in a lucid manner.

Once you are sure about getting a pool or Thousand Oaks pool remodeling in your house, you may begin your quest to find a construction company on Google.  Looking for one which exclusively works on pools is a better idea as they generally have more expertise in this field and can guide a novice throughout the process. This is followed by a session with their experts who visit you at home to discuss about details. It includes the pool dimensions, location, aesthetics and your budget.

Thousand Oaks pool remodeling

A scene file in the form of 3D images is prepared and shown to the client for better understanding of the structural details, which includes plumbing and electrical framework. Any subsequent change which the client seeks is incorporated at this stage. Once the client gives an affirmative, the company applies for necessary permits from local authorities.

The more technical stuff has been jotted down as bullet points for simplicity:

1) With the permit in hand, excavation begins after careful examination of the allocated spot.

2) A framework of steel along the sides and floor of the pool is made in the excavated area for structural support.

3) This is followed by installation of pumps, filters, heaters which constitute the plumbing set-up and electrical components are put into place.

4) A test is conducted to ensure safety and efficiency of plumbing and electrical system.

5) The next step is spraying of dry/damp mixture of sand and cement called Gunnite followed by water all over it. This inner core of concrete takes about a week to dry up.

6) Beautification begins subsequent to this. A wide range of materials are available for the coping of the pool.

7) Likewise, the perimeter is covered in a material of the client’s preference. Any installation in the form of fire pits, fountains etc. that are included in the design is taken care of at this stage.

8) Plaster is applied next to improve the finish.

9) Before water is filled into the almost-ready pool, plaster dust needs to be brushed off.

10) A technician works on the chemical treatment of the pool. It includes adding chemicals like chlorine for disinfection and sanitation.

11) Water is then filled into the pool.

The whole process outlined above usually takes 1-2 months. So go ahead and get a new pool in your backyard because summer isn’t far away.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander