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Steps for Succeeding The Practical Driving Lessons

A driving lessons Brisbane also refers to as the road test, driver’s test or driving exam is the practice of checking the person’s ability with respect to driving the motor vehicle on the road. In order to drive a motor vehicle, it is necessary that one must pass the driving lessons. This driving lessons mostly comprises of two parts that is the written test and the road test. The written test is meant to check the person’s knowledge regarding rules and laws whereas the practical test indicates the person’s driving capability under normal operating conditions. Following are the phases that can be succeeded for the practical driving lessons Brisbane:

Preparation For The Practical Driving lessons

In the driving centers, usually the driving lessons are given before the practical test. This helps the driver to get a chance to settle into the car and have knowledge about various points that he/she is concerned about. It is mostly suggested to arrive at the test location earlier than the stated time so as to relax and afterwards get prepared for the exam. Arriving early also helps you to keep calm as calmness always gives a positive response.

Beginning of The Test

For starting the practical test, the examiner will call out the name of the concerned person and will provide insurance and residency declarations for reading and signing them. Meanwhile the examiner will review all your documents and if they all are in order, then the person will be asked to move towards the car.

driving lessons Brisbane
driving lessons Brisbane

Vision Test

Before getting onto the car, the examiner will ask the driver to stop and read the new number plate at the distance of 20m or to read the old number plate with the distance of 20.5m. Its main purpose is to check your eyesight. If a person fails in this test, then he/she cannot go for further tests.

Show Me Tell Me Questions

In this stage, the examiner will inquire about questions relating to engine oil level, working of power steering, engine coolant level, working of horn, direction indicators, brake lights, brakes, headlights, tail lights and many more. Failing to answer these questions correctly will give you one minor fault.

Practical Part of The Driving lessons

Here the examiner will ask the person to get into the car and be prepared for the practical part of driving lessons. Be sure to make a visual check of everything. A seatbelt is considered to be the most important element so one should never forget it. During the test, the examiner wants that the driver must follow the road ahead of all times unless otherwise asked to take a turn. The time duration for the test is 40 minutes and the driver’s driving is tested on the roads that contain roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, crossroads, dual roadways, at rural and residential roads. During the test, the driver is also asked to perform parallel parking, turning in the road, bay parking, emergency stop and reversing round the corner.

For passing the practical driving lessons, it is mandatory that the driving errors must not be of a serious nature since serious faults during the practical test can result in failure or rejection.

For driving, it is necessary that the age of the motorist must be of 17 years or above. After passing written and practical driving lessons, the person gets a driving license which is a clear evidence that now he/she is eligible to drive on the road.


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