Simple Steps To Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue

In stressful life, it is not unusual to have fatigue. In most cases, having adequate rest provides relief from tiredness. However, when exhaustion persists even after long hours of relaxation then the underlying problem could be a case of adrenal fatigue. When you frequently experience extreme fatigue along with certain set of symptoms such as brain fog, insomnia, difficulty in waking up, low concentration level, stubborn weight gain, anxiety, constipation, low energy level, craving for salty and fatty foods then chances are high that you could be having Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS).

What Causes AFS

There is no definitive cause of adrenal fatigue. However, stress has been identified as one of the major contributing factors. When the amount of stress exceeds the level of your body’s stress handling capacity, the body can longer compensate and recover from it which can lead to AFS.

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response System is your body’s natural shield against stress. It is a delicate network of six circuits and various organs which function in close coordination. The adrenal glands, a pair of walnut-shaped glands present on the kidneys are also part of the response system. During stress, the NEM stress response system signals adrenal glands for secreting anti-stress hormone cortisol. However, when stress persists, your adrenals get overburdened and can become dysfunctional. This reduces your body’s stress handling ability which can lead to adrenal fatigue.

Work pressure, loss of loved ones, marital disruption, chronic infection, insomnia, surgery, toxic exposure, gluten intolerance, chronic pain, mal-digestion, excessive exercise, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, low blood sugar, excessive coffee and tea intake are some of the stressors that can trigger AFS.

A weak adrenal system can affect your entire body and cause several symptoms including excessive tiredness. AFS can lead to dysfunction of the hormones, neurological system, immune system, the metabolic system as well as result in the breakdown of the musculoskeletal system.

Beating Adrenal Fatigue The Natural Way

A well-thought-out strategic mind and body approach is required to beat AFS. Following these simple yet effective tricks can help alleviate the symptoms as well as heal and restore your adrenals.

· Adrenal Fatigue Diet

Providing your body with excellent nutrition helps to restore your adrenals and accelerate the healing process. Adrenal fatigue diet is packed in nutrition which helps in nourishing and healing your adrenals. According to the diet, over 30 – 40 percent should consist of fresh vegetable. Consider having bright color vegetables, sea vegetables, baby vegetables and lots of sprouts. Lightly steam the vegetables before eating them. The other 20 to 30 percent should make lean protein drinks and the same portion should comprise of healthy fats such as seeds and nuts. The remaining portion of your diet should contain whole grains, legumes, beans and whole fruits. Season your food with sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to maintain healthy sodium balance in your body. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your entire system well hydrated and gently flush out the toxins to ease the load on organs. Having short and frequent meals helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar level and minimize fatigue.

·Right Nutritional Supplement

AFS causes imbalances in your NEM stress response system which affects the six circuits – metabolism, detoxification, neuroaffect, hormonal response, inflammatory response and cardionomic response. While nutritious diet is the cornerstone of adrenal recovery, supplementation often becomes necessary as your total system is affected. Therefore, to ensure complete recovery, it is essential that the entire body is in balance which includes these systems. This can be achieved with the right blend of nutrients. Based on your condition, taking the right adrenal support supplements under the advice of health specialist provides the required nutritional support to restore and enhance your adrenal function.

·Adrenal Restorative Exercises

Exercise is a significant part of the adrenal recovery plan. In adrenal fatigue, exercise requires a very strategic approach for rebalancing the entire system. When done under the guidance of a therapist, it can help boost the adrenals and enhance the energy levels. Particular adrenal restorative exercises are recommended based on the stage of fatigue. The exercises help in activation of the parasympathetic nervous system without over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. It also promotes joint mobility, relaxes muscles, improves posture and enhances proper blood flow to the adrenal glands for a smooth recovery.

·Staying Away From Stressors

The most vital key to ensuring full adrenal recovery is to manage stress and staying away from stressors. This would enable the adrenals to relax and regain normal functioning. Consider having adequate sleep, minimize coffee and tea, reduce work and relationship stress, avoid self-talk and negative thinking, rest when you feel tired, avoid staying up late during the night, do not wait until you are hungry instead consider having frequent short meals.

With increased workload and stress in life, experiencing fatigue can be common. Constant exposure to stressors can lead to adrenal fatigue which can have a great impact on the quality of life. It is always wise to take short breaks for relaxing your mind and body in order to alleviate stress. Making certain changes in lifestyle such as eating adrenal fatigue diet, having the right nutritional supplement, staying away from stressors along with adrenal restorative exercise can help in overcoming fatigue the natural way.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander