concrete companies calgary

Residential Concrete Services

Patriarch Construction is committed to providing homeowners in Calgary with the very best service for residential concrete and screed services. We can help you plan your concrete requirements whether you are looking for a new conservatory or shed base, a garden path, garage floor or driveway.

We have all the equipment and expertise to make sure that your residential concrete companies calgary needs are met cost-effectively, quickly and with the minimum upheaval to your everyday life. Our volumetric concrete services are a superb option as you only have to pay for the exact amount you lay, so there is never any wastage or under ordering. The perfect option for small build projects.

Small Builds

concrete companies calgary

We might have grown into a large concrete companies Calgary but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the small projects. If you are planning an extension, conservatory or driveway then we can help you with all your concrete requirements.

We have supplied homeowners throughout Calgary for many years and have built up a great reputation for service and efficiency. As our volumetric concrete is mixed on site there is no wastage so you will never have the issue of ordering too much or too little making our concrete cost effective, mess free and convenient.

Concrete Bases

Concrete is a versatile and durable material which is ideal for flooring in a variety of different building types. We have many years of experience when it comes to supplying concrete for a range of base types. These include conservatories, orangeries and sheds for both commercial and residential projects.

Having helped many customers in the past with our expedient and cost effective Volumetric Concrete Mixing we are experts in the supply of concrete floors. There are many key differences in our concrete bases solution compared to traditional methods.

The Volumetric Concrete Way

Without our specialised equipment and process, it could take up to 4 – 5 hours to mix, pour and level concrete for a relatively small conservatory or orangery base. This is because concrete has to be mixed first and then poured into wheelbarrows in order to be transported over to the base where it has to be levelled off. This is not only extremely time consuming but also incredibly hard work!

With the use of our top of the range Volumetric Mobile Batching Plant, for exactly the same size of concrete base, we can mix, pour and level the concrete base within just 25 minutes – it’s clear why we’re the better option.

Not only is there no manual labour involved but a significant amount of time is saved throughout the whole process. This in turn allows the overall building work for the project to move quicker in general and you’ll see your finished project in no time at all.

If we can get a direct pour this reduces the time even more. As you can see, by using our volumetric concrete mixer it saves a lot of time and as the concrete is mixed on site so it is always fresh which gives you maximum working time with the concrete.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander