Quick Facts About Deodorant with Aluminum

Also, antiperspirant is still known to damage clothing.  Although it may not eat through and destroy fabric, it has been known to cause severe staining and stiffness in the the cloth.  So those yellow stains, bleached out patches, and stiff sections in your underarms are really the result of aluminum, not sweat.

There are a number of There is the truth about women’s deodorant without aluminum on the market that can be used to reduce the level of skin irritation and clothing damage you experience, and it is often recommended to switch before any of this occurs.

About Deodorant with Aluminum

These quick facts will help dispel a number of the rumors about deodorants with aluminum.  Scientific research has helped to eliminate the theories surrounding these present dangers.

  • It will not cause Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer.  While both conditions have been linked loosely to a high amount of aluminum in the body, the use of modern deodorants and antiperspirants will not increase that level enough to cause these conditions to develop.
  • You will not get a build up of toxins in your body by preventing armpit sweat.  While this is a method the body uses to eliminate toxins from the body, it is on a minimal level, and will not cause an issue when the underarms are denied the ability to sweat.
  • Sweating does not cause body odor, so antiperspirant may not be needed.  Body odor is caused by the multiplication of bacteria in the under arms.  While sweat can help bacteria multiply, it is not the direct cause.
  • Aluminum zirconium is still a dangerous substance in large quantities, but most people get aluminum into their body through diet and ingestion.  Body products do not really increase the amount of aluminum in the body.
  • While you may not be in danger of Alzheimer’s or breast cancer from deodorant, the other issues alone should be enough to convince you to switch.

There is the truth about women’s deodorant without aluminum, and the dangers associated with aluminum in certain skin and body products.  Many natural, and healthier, alternatives exist to help eliminate these unneeded dangers from your body.  While there are a number of products on the market, most people do not consider going without deodorant or antiperspirant completely.  For many of us, our natural body odor is not as you would imagine it.  In fact, most of us women’s deodorant without aluminum have a sweat and pleasant natural odor.  By weening your body off of certain body products and cleaning and washing yourself regularly, you can help avoid wearing deodorant period.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander