New Dad-to-Be?

So you’re about to become a first-time Dad?  It’s fairly safe to say you’re probably very excited but understandably anxious about this new stage in your life. This is serious now.  You’re going to be responsible for a new little human being and you’re wondering how you’ll cope.

The other half aka Mrs Mum-to-Be seems to know what she has to think about.  It’s like she has some inbuilt radar guiding her towards parenthood. She’s been googling what baby equipment to buy for weeks and has started buying baby clothes and other bits and bobs already. You’re not really sure what to say when she asks what you think about organic baby clothes and the whole concept of bamboo baby clothes is completely mind-boggling! How does she even know about this sort of stuff, for goodness sake, you’re wondering?!

baby clothes
baby clothes

You’re sitting there watching telly one night and she asks what you think about nappies. What sort should you go for? Are cloth nappies better than disposables? Flip, you think … (or perhaps something a little earthier) It never even entered your head that there was an alternative to disposable nappies nowadays? But Mrs Mum is thinking about the effect on the environment of all those nappies and wants your new arrival to be a green baby. Mrs Mum-to-Be wants to buy ethical baby clothes, she says.  She starts rambling on about Fairtrade and something about a Soil Association. What is Soil Association?  Arghhhhh …. It’s not meant to be this confusing, this whole ‘being a Dad’ malarkey!

So there she is,  thinking about when the baby comes home but you can’t get past the birth yet.  You’re worried in case you can’t get her to the hospital on time when she goes into labour.  And talking about the labour, you’re hoping you’re not going to be one of those dads who really embarrass themselves and faint at the birth. She’s saying something about packing her hospital bag but the car needs an MOT tomorrow and you simply can’t multi-task!. There’s still 10 weeks to go till Due Day, what’s the hurry! And what is the ‘hospital bag’ anyway? Got that wrong, I bet?  There you were, thinking it was kind of her to think about packing refreshments to sustain you through the birth. Oh a bag with nightwear, organic babygrow, baby vests, a bamboo swaddle (a what??) ….

There’s a bit more to this whole Dad business isn’t there?  Never mind there’s ages to go yet. Isn’t there?


Post Author: Alberto Alexander