Manitowoc ice machine repair

Important Thing You Need to Know about Manitowoc Ice Machine Repair Rocklin

Manitowoc ice machine repair Rocklin installs and maintains the most reliable ice making equipment available… And once your system is in, we’ll be there with fast, reliable, service (and as much ice as you need) whenever you need us. With over 40 years of ice making experience, Automatic Icemakers is the clear choice for businesses that need high volume ice making equipment.

We’ll design, install, and maintain the most efficient ice system for your business no matter how unique or demanding your needs may be. From a corner bar to a major league sports park, an Automatic Ice lease is the choice for your business. Restaurants. Airlines. Country Clubs. Sports Venues. Hospitals. Manufacturing.

Manitowoc ice machine repair
Manitowoc ice machine repair

Automatic Icemakers started in Rocklin in 1960 and has grown to be the leading supplier of ice making equipment and Manitowoc ice machine repair in the market. We’re family owned and family run and our reputation means everything to us. Some of our customers have been with us since the sixties, so you know we’re serious when we say we stand behind our guarantee. We’re an extension of your business and we’ll work hard to keep your trust. If you’ve got a question or problem, call us. Day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ice machine cleaning program

  • Four to Five cleanings per year
  • Free Ice to machine capacity during cleaning
  • Preferred service to customer for cleaning and ice
  • Special Program to meet your needs
  • All Cleaning done professionally by a Certified Technician

Industrial & Healthcare Ice Makers

Manitowoc ice machine repair service Rocklin serves clients in industry and healthcare. These high volume users need reliable, high efficiency systems to maintain their operations. A fish house or wholesale fruit supplier can’t survive without a reliable source of ice. Big companies with multiple locations like ComEd and ITW rely on Automatic Ice to keep their employee cafeterias running smoothly around the clock. In the healthcare industry we serve hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes where quality patient care demands a constant source of ice.


With over 5,000 customers, Manitowoc ice machine repair Rocklin is the largest supplier of ice making equipment and Manitowoc ice machine repair in Illinois and the Rocklin area.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander