How and Why You Should Customize LinkedIn URL?

How and Why You Should Customize LinkedIn URL?

We all used LinkedIn at some point in our lives to find work and increase our connections. Some of us have succeeded in achieving our goals. Others are still struggling to find the right way to shine. It’s easy and quick to customize your LinkedIn profile URL and increase credibility.

LinkedIn requires that you have a professional profile. However, this is not enough. While we fill in the required information, we forget to optimize our profile. Your profile must be easily found by recruiters in search results. This can be done by personalizing your LinkedIn URL.

It is easy to get a personalized LinkedIn URL. Although it may seem like a small thing, it is vital to update your URL.

Continue reading to learn more details about LinkedIn URLs, and how to personalize your LinkedIn profile URL.

What is my LinkedIn URL

URLs are web addresses that lead to specific resources. To generate a unique URL, your LinkedIn URL includes personal information about your website as well as closely. This URL is unique to you and linked to your profile. This URL can be shared to take people to your LinkedIn profile.

Where can I find my LinkedIn URL?

It’s easy to find your LinkedIn URL. You can do it via your profile page in just a few mouse clicks

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in using your LinkedIn username and password
  • After logging in, click on “Me” from the toolbox above the home screen.
  • To access your profile page, click on ‘view my profile’.
  • Look at the URL bar on your profile page. This URL is your LinkedIn profile URL.

It might seem strange that we need to get into such small details. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of search results.

You will notice some random numbers in your LinkedIn URL. These numbers indicate that the person didn’t think it necessary to change the default URL. LinkedIn assigns the URL with these numbers to your profile when you create it. Your Account settings allow you to change your URL.

This is why people do it. A custom URL allows a user to use their LinkedIn profile as a lead generator and branding tool. The default LinkedIn URL is too long and difficult to use. It is difficult to remember the numbers and characters and to share it with others.

LinkedIn’s goal is to make it easy to connect with employers and find you. However, LinkedIn’s URL is not useful. Your search engine optimization (SEO), on major search engines such as Google and Bing, can be improved by customizing your LinkedIn URL. You must make your LinkedIn public profile visible to create a custom URL that can help you be found organically. This is what search engines evaluate.

Why is it Important to Customize LinkedIn URLs

LinkedIn URL by using something important and unique

It’s always smart to personalize your LinkedIn URL by using something important and unique. It is one thing to have a LinkedIn profile URL. Personalizing your LinkedIn profile URL is a great idea.

It’s easier to find

If you don’t have a unique name, there will be many other people on LinkedIn with your name. It can be hard to find you. A customized LinkedIn URL will make you easily accessible to people looking for you. It doesn’t matter if it is in Google search results or bing. You can easily be found. This will make you stand out from other LinkedIn users who have similar or identical names.

Makes you look professional

Your profile is not professional if it contains random numbers and characters. Sometimes recruiters receive many resumes for the job posting. This can make it easier for you to pay attention to the smallest details. Your profile can be professional and make a good impression on others who view it.

This also means that you are more attentive to the smallest details, which increases your credibility.

What does your LinkedIn URL with your name tell you about yourself? It is a sign that you are serious and meticulous candidate who will do their best to make your mark. It also shows that you are tech-savvy. This is a great example of technology-savvy.

Final Word: Do you need to customize your LinkedIn URL?

It is smart to customize your LinkedIn profile URL. This will help you stand out from others, especially those who have similar names. It is possible to change the URL to any other you wish, but it is best to use a URL that matches your business name or your name so you are easily identifiable.

Although it may seem like such small details are overlooked, they play an important role. This will increase your credibility and professional appearance. You can also be distinguished easily from other LinkedIn users who have the same or similar name. It only takes a few minutes and is well worth the effort.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander