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Helping your Teenager Learn to Drive

Before buying a car one should first learn the basics of driving a car. Without a valid driving license, one can by a car but cannot insure it or drive it on the roads. Thus one has to learn car driving completely before purchasing a car. Learning to drive a car can be achieved in a couple of ways. In one way, the person learns car driving from one their friends or relatives and in the other way, the person joins a driving school and learns from the instructor. Both ways has their advantages and disadvantages. By learning from their friends, one can completely avoid paying money to a driving school as a learning fee. One can call their friends or relatives whenever they want and get all the required driving instruction in a casual manner.

In the case of learning in a driving school, the advantage is that the learner gets to know all the important road traffic rules that need to be followed. Also the training will be structured and include all the information that is necessary for learning all the aspect of car driving. When the person learns from their friends, the friends pass on whatever they know and whatever driving habits they follow. Some of the driving habits they follow may not be in line with the traffic rules. Thus when the person goes for the driving test, the inspectors can find fault with their driving.   In the case of a driving school, the guidance will be near-perfect, and will help the learner confidently pass the driving test.

Most experienced drivers will happily give such a car a very wide berth, perhaps more out of self-preservation than courtesy. The professional instructor, unlike a parent, usually has no personal relationship with the student and so the student is often more receptive to correction. This makes for a great situation for the first few lessons, but more consistent practice is needed for the student to start feeling like a natural driver and so he or she can build good driving habits.

driving lessons gold coast
driving lessons gold coast

Parents should take their teen driving as often as possible, and should aim to drive in areas that have little traffic. Parents should also try to drive with their teens on occasions when they have plenty of time. For example, don’t ask your teen to practice his or her driving on the way to school unless you are sure you have plenty of extra time to get there without being late. The pressure to get somewhere on time could lead to speeding, or to mistakes made out of nervousness.

Parents should also find opportunities before their driving sessions to really get a good grip on what their teens know about driving. While Mom or Dad is driving the child to school, for example, he or she should ask the teen questions like “Which lane will I need to be in to turn at this red light?” or “Do you think it’s safe to pull out yet?”  Try not to assume your child knows everything he needs, even if he or she has passed the learner’s permit test. Sometimes very important information can slip through the cracks. The most important (and hardest) part of this process is still on the teenager, and it benefits parents to remember that. Every parent teaching his or her child was once learning to drive, too. It’s a hard time to go through, but with love and patience it can be a great experience.

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Post Author: Alberto Alexander