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Grass-Fed Bison: Cooked Nutrition Facts & Calories

Bison Meat- An Excellent Protein

Bison meat is a good choice for athletic women because it’s darker than beef, comprising of higher iron. Women aged between 14 to 50 years have higher iron requirements than men, which is almost twice. Because severe exertion can destroy red blood cells, you may require even more if you exercise frequently.

Bison is significantly higher in zinc than beef, a vitamin that aids in the development of healthy immune systems. In addition to having a wonderful nutritional profile, Bison meat is higher in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and lower in fat than meat from grain-fed animals.

You can also rest confident that the animals aren’t given antibiotics or hormones, so you’re not getting anything “extra,” and start to wonder where to buy Bison meat.

Nutritional Benefit of Bison Meat

Bison meat lets you enjoy the flavor of red meat while maintaining the nutritional value of healthy meat like a chicken. According to studies, a three-ounce portion of 90 percent lean ground beef has around 180 calories and 10 gm of fat, whereas a grass-fed bison burger has about 130 calories, 6 gm of fat (and a staggering 22 gm of protein).

There are also thinner cuts of bison available, with a 3-ounce portion containing roughly 130 calories and 2 gm of fat.

Bison isn’t as easy to procure as beef, so you may be unable to figure out where to find grass-fed bison. But you will get great options for quality bison meat online. Bison jerky is also a good option for a quick snack. Look for brands with low or no nitrate content and less than 400 mg of sodium per serving.

Bison Meat Cooking Instructions

Bison steaks and ground bison are available. Bison requires a lower temperature and a longer cook time, regardless of the format. It is preferable to keep it medium-rare. Bison that has been overcooked will have rough flesh and a gamey flavor. If you’re working with a bison steak, follow these steps:

  • Allow the meat to rest for no more than an hour at room temperature before cooking to remove the chill.
  • Season your steak with seasonings or marinate it.
  • Slowly cook it at a low temperature.
  • Cook until it reaches a temperature of 145 degrees F on the inside.
  • Remove the bison from the grill and set it in a foil-lined pan.
  • Allow for 5-10 minutes of resting time before slicing or serving.

To retain more fluids and limit the risk of overcooking, it is recommended to flip the meat only once.


Protein is a macronutrient that is essential for nutrition, particularly for active women, because it keeps you full and aids in muscle recovery—ideal after a hard workout. Make room in your grocery cart and on your plate and figure out where to find Bison, if you’re bored of the same old grilled chicken and want something different than your lean ground turkey.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander