Duty of Care for Business Travel – Why Secure Transportation is Critical

Duty of Care for Business Travelers – Why Secure Executive Transportation is a Critical Aspect The need for employers to meet their duty of care requirements to employees is a complex process to navigate for many organizations. Understanding what measures you can take to manage this level of risk remains a considerable challenge. Incorporating the use […]

Company Culture

How to Assess Company Culture

This article is the third part of our series on workplace culture. In the first installment, we explained that every organization has a culture, and every culture has three components—the organization’s rules, traditions, and people. In the second article, we showed you how to identify the culture that you have so you’re able to assess […]

Richmond Gym

3 Ways to Make Your Dieting Efforts Easier in 2019: Advice From Richmond Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness

Diet and exercise. We all know these are the basis of getting fit, yet while many of us has nailed down the exercise aspect, we struggle with the diet aspect due to the sheer amount of temptation the world around us throws at us. – Oh but I don’t want to waste food… – I […]

fitness marketing


I strongly believe in the content first-value first principle, and I do my best to offer valuable information to my clients and prospects alike as often as possible. But, we are all in business to make money, right? How do you go about transitioning these prospects into actual, paying clients? Create an advanced Fitness Marketing and retargeting […]

How Do I Find My Paycheck Stubs Online?

The internet has revolutionized the way that employees get paid, as well as the way the world does business. Before online paycheck stubs became accessible, employees had to struggle with keeping their paper paycheck stubs organized. If an employee happened to lose one of their paycheck stubs, they would often be charged by their company’s […]