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6 Tips for submit articles in Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking is one of the media to get traffic and backlinks. SEO Services Los Angeles can get quality traffic from social bookmarking having the same category with our website. The more similar the better contentnya. Because traffic will get better. Can be calculated like this: for example a social bookmark 10 visitors could bring traffic, well if you want to get 1000 visitors then you just submit to 100 social bookmarking sites.

If you do not want to submit the report to dozens of social bookmarking sites rely top seo services Los Angeles you hire to do this. Use the SEO Services Los Angeles that do have a professional skill. In a previous article How to Choose the SEO Company you can see how important criteria in choosing a partner company SEO and internet marketing. get the best quality at the best price with the Los Angeles SEO Firm you hire. Deal with your Los Angeles search engine optimization seo services to get best result.

But if you want to do yourself, you can refer to some of the tips below:

SEO Services Los Angeles
SEO Services Los Angeles
  1. Dofollow Social Bookmark

Looking for websites that are dofollow social bookmarking. Why should dofollow social bookmarking sites? Because Google only complains to crawl backlinks from websites that have dofollow rel. If you put a link on social bookmarking websites that nofollow backlinks then it will not be considered by Google. Surely your time will be wasted. Well it would be much easier if you have a marketing strategies for gyms and hire a Los Angeles SEO Company to build links to your company’s website. They are more aware of this, and you can focus on your business.

  1. Title

Titles in the submit to social bookmarking sites is important, useful to point out that your website has appropriate titles website theme. The title can also be an anchor text link to your company’s website. So should the title is a summary of your website, or title containing the targeted keywords in the articles.

  1. Description

Description is necessary to know the summary daari website that we submit to social bookmarking sites. This makes it attractive to our website can bring traffic from social bookmarking. then write a good description.

  1. tag

Tag is a word as a summary of what is in submits on social bookmarking sites. In writing the tag should not be too much, try to not more than five tags. So Google bots are not confused. Title tags can also be as a keyword to search people, showed a summary in 1-3 words.

  1. PageRank

Besides the four things above, PageRank is something to consider in choosing social bookmarking. Submit to social bookmarking has a high PageRank better than low PageRank. Backlink is a vote to our website. more and more votes to our website is better than our website will also be the better eyes of search engines like Google, yahoo etc. weighted PageRank 9 10 times higher than PageRank backlinks from social bookmarking 8, and so on. Then if you do not have time to submit to hundreds of social bookmarking website, select the social bookmarking had a high PageRank.

  1. Categories

Categories in social bookmarking sites affect the results that we will get backlinks. If we submit to social bookmarking and content that has a matching category then this will be good. Because one of the backlinks that Google is preferred Backlinks from websites that have the same niche.

Post Author: Alberto Alexander